Welcome, 2015!

At the farm, it never really feels like a new year until long after the ball has dropped and the resolutions have been forgotten in lieu of eating cake while waiting for the snow to disappear from the ground.  Even when the seed catalogs arrive with their glossy pictures of an idyllic summer, it just doesn’t feel like the new year until there are green things popping up in the greenhouse.  Only when the days grow longer, it stops snowing and starts raining and the ground thaws enough to be turned over after its long winter rest does it feel like the new year!  So from the workers and baby plants at Peace and Carrots Farm: Happy New Year!

lucas and sav working hard


Yesterday was the first time we got out and into the fields, to plant the peas and the carrots, just in time for them to get a nice drink of water from the rain early this morning!  I have had many people offer to help this season and have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a local named Lucas and a WWOOFer named Savannah these past few weeks.  They are both from the Buffalo area and have jumped right into the farm and have been a humongous help.  It never ceases to amaze me how the farm will simultaneously produce good food to nourish our bodies and continue to grow as a place where folks with similar interests and passions can nourish their spirits.  It felt amazing to run my hands through the soil after such a long winter.  I can’t wait to go back out there tomorrow!

While we’re waiting for the soil to finish warming up, things are growing quickly in the greenhouse.  It’s completely full, which means it’s time for some rude-awakenings for the plants who will have to spend their rest of their nursery days outside.  We need more space for the peppers, eggplants and tomatoes that are growing bigger and bigger each day!  This picture is from a few days ago: it seems like these lettuces have just about doubled in size since then!

greehouse early

I’m excited to see all your smiling faces again at the farm, though there’s still quite a bit of time and growing between then and now!  We still have shares available for this season, so if you’re reading this and you’re not a member already, please consider joining this year!  If you’re already a member, please spread the word about Peace and Carrots!  Your good reviews are a stellar tool for recruiting more local members!  CSAs really are one of those wonderful things when the phrase, “the more, the merrier” really does work!





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