What to Expect This Year

You’re interested in supporting local agriculture.  You’re looking to shed a few pounds this year by eating healthier.  You’re a foodie who is into using the freshest ingredients possible in your kitchen.  You’ve been a member of many CSAs since their arrival in this country. You saw our flyer hanging on a wall somewhere and we piqued your interest and before you knew it, you were signed up.

Baby carrots, waiting for their time to shine!

Whatever brought you to us, we’re glad you’re here!  And welcome!

We are going to have a series of  entries on this blog throughout the season that will help you along this CSA road, with updates from around the farm, pictures of what’s happening in the fields, information about events both on and off the farm, topics about agriculture in general and of course, recipes!

If you were a member of our farm last year, then welcome back and don’t disregard this post entirely; we’re adding lots of new stuff this year to encourage the growth of the farm community, make pickups smoother and less mud-filled, and add more variety to your shares each week!

For our new members, or “sophomore class,” as well as returnees, here’s a run down of what you can expect as we enter the 2014 season.  Pickups are from 2-7 pm on Mondays, at the farm in Chester.  They start on June 2 and run through October 27.  We have plans to build a pickup center and an improved parking area right off the road to alleviate the problems we had last year with mud and bumpy ground.

When you enter the pickup center, there will be a sign in sheet so we can keep track of how many people still need to come and if anyone has forgotten about their share.  There is a large chalk board with the share list for the week written on it and bins of vegetables.  Just like at the grocery store, you follow your list and pick whichever vegetables tickle your fancy out of the bins.

If you have signed up for the You-Pick-It share, Monday pickups are also your chance to get into the fields and harvest your own veggies.  We will have peas, cherry tomatoes, beans, hot peppers, herbs and flowers as part of the You-Pick-It share throughout the season.

Here’s an example of week 12’s share (about halfway through the season):

Cannot wait for this midsummer’s bounty!

In addition to weekly pickups, we are planning educational events for the weekends that are free for all the CSA members.  Coming very soon (Saturday, June 21st!) is our Welcome Potluck Picnic from 11:30 am until 1:oo pm.  The week after that, come down for an afternoon of beekeeping basics, starting at 1:00 pm.  Details about those events and a list of all the other ones happening at the farm this year can be found on our website at: http://www.peaceandcarrotsfarm.com/Farm-Events.html

There’s so much to anticipate this season and I’m already looking forward to meeting half of you for the first time and seeing the other half of you again after what seemed like the longest winter ever!

Green Zebra: coming soon to a BLT near you!



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