What’s Growing On?

We’ve all been there.  You bring home your bag full of veggies from your CSA and as you unload it onto the kitchen counter, you realize you’ve never actually cooked kale.  Sure, you’ve read about how healthy it is and bookmarked a few recipes, but you’re really not positive exactly what to do with two entire bunches of the stuff!  And what in the world is up with that kohlrabi???

The farmers at Peace and Carrots Farm want you to use your shares this season to their fullest potential.  That means cooking the produce each week in ways that are tasty and nutritious, and if there are too many for you to consume each week, preserving and storing them for the winter months.

We’ll be providing weekly recipes and tips on vegetable preservation and storage on this blog, to help you put your shares to the highest use possible!  If you make a dish that you’re particularly proud of, please send us the recipe and we’ll add it to the blog for the rest of the members to enjoy as well!

In addition to recipes, we will also be posting about topics that are relevant to small farms in Orange County and nationally, in an effort to continue the “Back to the land” small farms movement that we feel is an essential turn our region and the nation should be taking!

Stay tuned for a season long of healthy eating!


2 responses to “What’s Growing On?

    • It was kind of a shock to see this comment, since I’m so bad at updating my blog! I saw there was one other Peace and Carrots Farm in Vermont when I googled it to see if it was taken already, but since it didn’t seem active and every farm related to my name or road (Johnson) were taken many times over, I thought it would be OK. I hope to continue the legacy of such a wonderful name!

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